Jul 072018
World Chocolate day

Don’t mind if I do.

Most people tend to have a weakness when it comes to chocolate, I am no different. I can just as happily nibble at bitter dark chocolate as I suck on sweet white. Smooth milk chocolate is a happy medium when I just want a chocolate block.

Rendeavous Restaurant Point Cook
Nutella Brownie Shake
Christy Tania Mystique Dessert


The funny thing with me is, sometimes, not always but sometimes my tummy is a bit prickly. Like if I’m a bit on edge or stressed out I become severely lactose intolerant. There is usually no warning, like really who out there knows for sure when they’re stressed, pfft!

This means for the most part I will stick to lactose free milks, soy or almond.  Usually I can enjoy cheese and chocolates, but then one day out of the blue I’ll feel the belly rumblings yelling  “B!tch please…you know I can’t do this”  as I run to the toilet repeatedly for 💩💥

I’ll just leave that thought here shall I, with pics of chocolate I’ve indulged in.


Dark chocolate Brookies with Frangelico cream




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