Sep 082018

Toasted Sesame Seeds

Golden, toasty, nutty flavour

This is just a general how to toast sesame seeds – nothing special.



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Toasted Sesame Seeds
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  1. Heat pan on Low - Medium heat. See attached.
  2. Enough sesame seeds to cover the base of your pan. Bigger pan = more heat = more sesame seeds
  3. You can go darker than this, but this is just about where I like it - Expect nutty flavours
Recipe Notes

Heat pan for a bit on medium heat

  • It's ready when you sprinkle water on the base and it evaporates *

Add desired amount of sesame seeds - enough to cover the base of pan you're using, don't add too much or they wont toast evenly.

Move pan every few seconds

  • Keeping an eye on them, they'll go from pale within a few minutes
  • If you don't move them they'll burn on 1 side

Use in salads, sauces, bread dough, stir-fry, sushi - go wild.

Can be stored in an airtight container for weeks.


*This is universal for almost any frying*

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