Sep 122021

Rich Coffee Sauce

Cook this before you start the meatloaf. Worth making together An interesting add on to the meatloaf recipe, shared with me from a friend who got it from her Sister in Law, who got it…Continue Reading

Aug 152021

Easy as Pie – Dough

This is hands down the best pie dough I’ve successfully made. Works well with sweet and savory pie dishes, doesn’t need to be blind baked

Apr 202020

Wat Dan Hor Fun

RICE NOODLES IN EGG CHIFFON SAUCE Rice Noodle in Egg Chiffon Sauce

Feb 232019


Serve with the Rich Coffee Sauce This is a hand me down recipe, and the very first meatloaf I’ve ever eaten/cooked. Okey America, I get it!

Sep 082018

Soft Buttery Rolls

  Soft & Buttery Lately I’ve been making my own buns. Tried and tested a few recipes; here’s a fool proof version with some tips. Previous Next

Aug 152018

Cantonese Steamed Fish

This recipe was found online here: And since trying it and making some changes, this is how we like it.

Jul 192018

Diy Roti

Quick and easy to make

Jul 162018

Pap – who knew

I’ll start by explaining Pap is a South African staple, made from maize meal, a starch which can be cooked runny, stiff and even crumbly. You can enjoy it with butter, sugar and milk (breakfast)…Continue Reading