Lentil Curry with vegetables & coconut milk

Original recipe by *In pursuit of more* found on yummly: I made some adjustments on the veg and spices.

Kung Pao Chicken

This recipe I originally found at

Fig & Almond Cake

The Fig Now Yields Its Charms.  Print Recipe Fig & Almond Cake Figs are baked into an almond batter for this rustic cake to have with coffee or tea. With…

Chicken velvet & sweetcorn soup

Gay Lim Sook Mi Gai Tong Print Recipe Chicken velvet & sweetcorn soup A variation of the chicken sweetcorn soup you get in Chinese restaurants. I found this recipe in…

Wat Dan Hor Fun

RICE NOODLES IN EGG CHIFFON SAUCE Print Recipe Wat Dan Hor Fun Servings Ingredients Noodle: 650 g flat rice noodles*4 Tbsp oil2 tsp soya sauce2 tsp dark soya sauce Gravy:…