Jul 232018
Edible gardens

I’ll start by saying I do not have a green thumb, but love Gardening and the idea of growing my own veggies.

Over the years I’ve tried growing tomatoes, garlic, rosemary, oregano…and sadly none have survived long enough to be eaten. I’ve also managed to kill a cactus, so for reals I’m not a good gardener.

About 4 months ago I embarked on a Gardening journey with a group of ladies from the community, lead by an actual horticulturalist, shoutout to Craig!

We have, as a group; tilled the soil, fertilized the ground, installed irrigation, planted seedlings and seeds and watched as out little seedlings have become harvestable.

So stoked!

I’ll be sharing some images here, just to show it is possible!

Moisture meter


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