Aug 152021

Easy as Pie – Dough

This is hands down the best pie dough I’ve successfully made. Works well with sweet and savory pie dishes, doesn’t need to be blind baked

Aug 042021

Caramel Mint Dessert

I entered this dessert for the Arnott’s Home Baker of the year in 2021

Aug 042021

Belgian Waffle Recipe

This Homemade Waffle Recipe is deliciously authentic and super easy to whip up. Start heating up your waffle maker/iron when you start measuring out your ingredients and you’re bound to end up with crispy golden…Continue Reading

Aug 042021

Fresh Egg Pasta

Can be used for a noodles, lasagna sheets, ravioli or tortellini   Rest

Aug 012020

Rustic gnocchi with mushroom sauce

What’s in the fridge? Wednesday I have no plan for dinner, but I know I need to make something. What is in my fridge and pantry?

Apr 262020

Dark Chocolate Brookies

Dark chocolate brookies, on a beige plate, served with a quenelle of cream on green background

Apr 242020

Kung Pao Chicken

This recipe I originally found at

Apr 242020

Fig & Almond Cake

The Fig Now Yields Its Charms.  Figs are baked into an almond batter for this rustic cake to have with coffee or tea. With figs, ripeness is everything. A ripe fig (the object of your…Continue Reading

Apr 242020

Chicken velvet & sweetcorn soup

Gay Lim Sook Mi Gai Tong Chicken velvet sweetcorn soup – Chicken velvet is the name given to a purée made from chicken meat usually breast meat and egg white. A variation of the chicken sweetcorn…Continue Reading